Mulch and Pine Straw

Protect Your Property From Freezing Weather in Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, Apex, Cary, and Carrboro, NC

Let us handle your pine straw and mulch installation tasks

As a resident of Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, Apex. Cary, Carrboro, NC, you're no stranger to dramatic shifts in weather. One week it's in the 70s and the next you're bundled up in a winter coat. Although it's easy for you to add layers when the temperature plummets, your plants don't have the same advantage. That's why you should schedule mulch or pine straw installation services from Carolina Lawn Cutters.

We'll install the necessary materials to trap heat and moisture in your soil so your plants can survive bitter winter weather. Whether you need pine straw or mulch installation services, call 919-353-5700 ASAP to make an appointment with us.

Check out the benefits of our services

By replacing your pine straw and mulch every fall and spring, you can take advantage of plenty of benefits. For example, pine straw and mulch installations will:

  • Reduce landscape erosion by acting as a barrier against heavy rainfall and wind
  • Prevent weed growth by blocking out the sunlight that's necessary for weeds to thrive
  • Boost your curb appeal by covering up dirt piles and adding more color to your landscape

Start taking advantage of our services today. Reach out to us to schedule mulch or pine straw installation services.